3. LiveJasmin’s Cheap Section ($0.99/min)

best looking cam girls
Insanely gorgeous cheap cam girls at Livejasmin

The Hottest Cam Models You’ll Ever Encounter.

While Jasmin doesn’t make it to the top of the cheapest webcam sex list, if we had a list that ranked sites based on the looks of their models, LiveJasmin would take the number one spot with ease. Forget about taste being something personal, it is not anymore, since Jasmin defines it.

The ladies on Jasmin are so unbelievably good looking it’s almost unreal. And even though Livejasmin might not be the cheapest cam site, you almost can’t NOT try this site once. Every lover of good-looking women should experience this at least once in his lifetime. Why are all these models so good-looking? because Jasmin features only the top-rated webcam girls from their sister site LiveJasmin. And it shows no matter which profile or live preview you enter. You can be assured the model is of glamour quality, don’t take our word for it, visit the site yourself, and be convinced.

By no means expensive

UPDATE: LiveJasmin has added a cheap girl section where you can find cam girl available for shows anywhere between $0,01 and $0.99 This propels Livejasmin up in the rankings of our cheapest private cam site list

While Jasmin may not be in the upper ranks of our cheap site list, it still is in the list for a reason, And the high-quality models don’t raise the rates as one might suspect. Actually, the girls can set the per-minute price from 1.0o to 5.00 USD.  Normally we would take the lowest price that can be found and take that as our ranking price, but since 1$ girls are so extremely difficult to find we decided to go with the average price 1.99 – 2.49 dollar per minute. 

A pretty acceptable price for any cam site, but considering the choice is simply amazing, with over 1000 models online and there isn’t a fetish that can’t be found at camcontacts. Whether you’re looking for kinky fetish BDSM, perverted shemales, or just want to see regular solo girls or couples, camcontacts has it all. You even can use it for webcam dating.

If you are not necessarily looking for hardcore nude action there are regular romance and friend categories. Also, there is a great community to be found at the forum where models and regular visitors mingle and just have a great time together. This forum is accessible for free and gives camcontacts its famous reputation for being not just about getting everything that’s in your wallet.

Superb Webcam Quality.

What a shame it would be if such unearthly good-looking beauties were done an injustice by a technical malfunction or average technical equipment. Luckily the live stream quality at Jasmin is, as their model looks, unmatched. Only the best of the best HD cams are used, providing you with the most immersive private chats possible, it’s like actually being in that room with that sexy lady.

Don’t miss out on this just because it isn’t the cheapest.

You might get 20, or even a 30-minute live show at one of our top-ranked cheapest sites. But the 10-minute show you’ll get at Jasmin for that price will possibly be the best private webcam chat you’ll ever experience. Like we said before, you are missing out on one of the finest and most erotic online experiences available if you do not try Jasmin at least once.

3. LiveJasmin's Cheap Section ($0.99/min)
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