There are tons of webcam sex sites with webcam models showing everything to their hundreds and sometimes thousands of viewers, but what about private 1 on 1 shows? Which webcam sex site is best for those kinds of intimate shows? We give you our suggestions

Why a private 1 on 1 Cam show?

A Private 1 on 1 cam show means that there are only 2 persons in the webcam chat. You and the webcam model. There are other kinds of cam sex shows where there are multiple viewers watching the webcam model perform. These types of live shows are

Free webcam sex shows: On so-called freemium sites for example. On freemium sites, people can watch a live show for free and they have the possibility to donate (also called tipping) tokens. This way a cam model still earns her or his money. And those who don’t have money to spend still can watch for free. The downside of these types of shows is that there is virtually no interaction and chatting back and forth between the viewers and the cam model. Because there are so many viewers (we are talking about thousands of viewers) it’s nearly impossible for a cam model to respond to everyone.

You have people who want to see the camgirl in a certain position and others want to see something different. You have people requesting anal while others want to see her feet. It’s impossible to keep cater to everyone’s wishes in these types of shows

Cam shows with a one-time entry fee: There are also cam shows with multiple viewers where each viewer pays a fixed entry fee to watch the entire live show. Because there are multiple entrees sold the price per viewer is very low.

This is an affordable alternative to private 1 on 1 shows. Because this is a paid show, even though it’s very cheap, there will be a lot fewer viewers in the chatbox. All the people who don’t have any credits or money to spend won’t be able to access the show. This means that you will have more interaction with the webcam model. And a bigger chance that your special requests will be seen and granted

The intimacy of private cam sex

The lack of intimacy and interaction with the webcam models during shows with multiple viewers is the reason why many prefer private shows. They have all the attention of the camgirl or cam boy. Dirty talking back and forth is not possible during group shows to the extent it is in a private chat.

Then there is the whole fantasy aspect, in a private show you are the director of the show you can tell the girl what to do and play out your fantasy. Things like roleplaying, Slave and Master, Jerk-off instructions, or simply a sexy conversation are just some of the many examples of activities that are pretty much only possible in real private 1 on 1 chat.

Cam 2 Cam function

Another thing that is pretty much only suited for private cam chats is the cam 2 cam function. This means that a viewer can turn on his or her own webcam so the webcam model can see the viewer too. A lot of people like to watch and be watched while masturbating. And again role-playing and a lot of other kinky fantasies are much more erotic and easier to accomplish with 2-way video and also 2-way audio. The list of advantages of a private cam show is plentiful. The only disadvantage private cam shows really have is that they are more expensive. Because there is only one viewer that has to pay for the whole show.

Private Cam Show Cost

In our cheap webcam sex site list, we rank the cheapest webcam sex sites based on private cam show cost. Usually, private shows are charged by the minute but on some cam sites, you can also buy a complete show. The longer the show the cheaper it often is.

Free Chat Box
Over 10000 viewers in this free Webcam chat, don’t expect intimacy or interaction with the cam model

These Are The 3 Best Cam Sites For 1 on 1 Shows

Here we will list the 3 best cam sex sites for private 1 on 1 shows. You might think that it is as simple as ranking the cheapest cam site the highest. But things like choice of models, Webcam Stream Quality, payment options, and Chat functions are also important. So keep reading to find out which cam site we recommend for private cam shows and why

1. affordable, lots of cam models and technically Flawless

Cheapercamgirls privates

Cheapercamgirls is the best place to find private 1 on 1 shows in our opinion. Because It scores excellent in everything that’s important.

When it comes to pricing there are many cheap private girls to be found. For as low as 88 cents per minute, you can already have a 1 on 1 chat with a super hot lady. You have all the functions you need like cam 2 cam and 2-way audio.

Where cheapercamgirls really excels is the amazing webcam quality and the ease of use of the site on mobile phones. Most of the girls have extremely high-quality webcams and the video image is clear and crisp.

And visit the site on your mobile phone and the quality remains just as high. With the site scaling down to fit whatever size screen your phone has. Chatting keeps working flawlessly and it’s simply a breeze to have webcam sex on a mobile phone this way.

This screenshot doesn’t do the webcam quality justice because we downgrade the photo quality and size to keep our site loading as fast as possible

You can even find free shows and shows with fixed entry prices as we mentioned before.

Add to that the fact that you can pay with Paypal and cryptocurrency if you don’t have a credit card.

And you have a cam site that is so complete and cheap that it takes the number 1 spot as the best cam site to use for finding private girls.

2. Cheap private camgirls and plenty of payment options

cheapercams privates

Cheapercams is another great site to find private shows. You can find them easily with the nifty price selector in the site navigation menu. Where you can easily hide all webcam performers with a private show cost that’s outside your budget.

It even has more payment options than cheapercamgirls with a credit card, PayPal, and cryptocurrency. But also Pay by phone in select countries and more local payment options are available for different countries.

Cheapercams works great on desktop as well as mobile phones and there are also free camgirls to be found. It has remote-controlled sex toys and a cam 2 cam function. The only reason why it ranks lower than cheapercamgirls in this article is that from time to time the webcam quality isn’t that great, there are drops in resolution and the live stream becomes choppy. This usually only lasts a few seconds but its enough to make Cheapercams score a bit lower than

3. Camcontacts The cheapest private cam sex

Camcontacts privates

Camcontacts is the cam sex site where we have found the cheapest private cam shows ever with some camgirls asking even less than 50 cents per minute. You might have to browse some profiles for a while to find these cheap sites though. Bit still on average it’s the cheapest private cam site we have reviewed so far and it takes the number one spot in our cheap webcam sex site list.

So why does it rank only number 3 in the top 3 best cam sex sites for private shows? The main reason is that at camcontacts you can only pay with a credit card. Another reason is that when you browse camcontacts on your mobile you get redirected to a PDA version of Camcontacts for mobile devices. This works ok, but it’s simply outdated compared to the mobile phone experience the other cam sites in this article give.

Camcontacts does have an amazing choice in camgirls though and it even has a dating/relationship section. Something the other sites do not offer. But it’s not enough for camcontacts to earn a first or even second place here. Still, an amazing sight and a favorite for private cam shows amongst many frequent webcam sex users

So there you have it our top three picks of the best cam sex sites to have real private 1 on 1 chat with only you and the webcam model in the chatroom. We hope this helps you in your search to find the perfect cam sex site for you.

If you have any questions or suggestions please leave a comment.

Happy webcam sexing!

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